I love the land. I love my motorbike rolling on street! The hard, reassuring street! And my trustworthy Royal Enfield 😉 And darn I hate flights! Wait! Nope! Fear is the correct word. A metal tube sustained by two wings on both sides 35 thousand feet above the ground with NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING beneath it! […]

Why should we Travel?

Why does man has this urge to travel?
Does this even need justification?

Kasarsai dam

On a typical weekend, I explore the less travelled regions of Pune.
This time its the Kasarsai Dam.
Join me in this ride to touch this less explored territory and have a blast of adventure and thrill!

To Mahabaleshwar-Part 1

Its “The” Friday. Work dictates two more hours at office. Plans dictate two less hours at office. I pretend to look at the mundane computer screen as I scan my cubicle from the corner of my eyes. I can still see that shadow behind me. shadow of Mr. Manager. I gulp for a breath of […]

What stops you?

Chasing my freedom My eyes open, I see a world in a hazy vision. The world seems to spin around me… My head hurts… It’s a dark cage. It’s full of filth! It smells of rotting flesh… No way to escape. None! Closed in all directions. And, there is, this lingering sense of pain through […]