I am not a writer.

But, still, I write.

To reason that,

Do I have to be a writer to write?


Who will designate me writer?

Will you?


Will not you?

Yet, Irrespective,

I write.

Not to discuss some deep philosophical shit…

Or to get a deeper understanding of life.

No, none of the above.

I am writing because I want to tell you…

Even if you are “nobody”,

Just to tell, that I am Traveler…

My wisdom, my miles.

Are you too?

Some have found their passion of life.

Many claim to have found their goals.

Not me.

Hence, I wander.

But do you?

I have tried to figure…

To think..

To justify.

My meaning of life.

Yet, no answer.

Did you?

Thus, I wander.

By mind,

By Soul,

By body.

But do you?

Because, I realize,

That life, is a celebration.

Without reason,

Of joy,

Of madness,

Of euphoria.

But will you?

For, time is limited,

And, heartbeats, countable.

Hence, I reason,

To live life a present!

To live life a jubilance!

But how about you?

I reason,

To see life full,

Not a moment to lull.

Such that,

When death knocks,

And says Hi!

When I say the world goodbye,

For I have seen enough,

With no regrets behind,

My mind satiated,

My soul peace,

My body used.

For, I reason,

That Death is the reality.

Pride, success, shame failure…

And I,

Will eventually be, dust.



Was Travelling,

Am Travelling,

Will Travel.

Until death, we meet.

Eye to eye,

And say,



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